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...An excellent set of short spooky tales ideal for a quick read or to be savoured over several coffee breaks....

A set of short tales of modern fantasy each with a twist. A low tide exposes a hidden cave that offers hidden surprises within it, although not what was expected. A second hand bookshop that has one visitor finding more than he bargained for amongst the shelves and genres. A little boy finds a sandcastle on the beach with lifelike figures on the ramparts and is asked if he wants to help build some more of it. A man with a special gift discusses what it means to be able to do the things that he can do. Finally, a DJ finds someone who likes his set and asks him to play a very special event that is out of this world.

It’s difficult to say too much about each of these stories without giving away too much of the twists in each of the stories. Each one is self contained, and while any reader may have seen similar tales used before, that does not detract from the version that is written here. The tales cover a wide range of styles, from black humour in the strange goings on in the book store, to more horror based as the child in the sandcastle, or the family investigating the cave find out, so there should be something for everyone to enjoy at least one story. For such different the writing fits easily providing good descriptions and neatly carrying through to the punch at the end of each story.

The last story does seem slightly at odds with the others, as the twist is a little more fantasy based than the others that are based more in horror. That is not to say it is a bad story, and it does end on a high note, putting it apart from the other tales. The formatting in the book is fine, and the cover is suitably intriguing for the stories. At the back there are details of other collected volumes for those who enjoy these stories and are looking for more.

Overall, it is an excellent set of short spooky tales ideal for a quick read or to be savoured over several coffee breaks.

Rating: 4
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Nocturnal Thinker (11 October 2020)
This sounds a good reads for a short tales on fantasy, adventure and discovery. I will take time read this. I include this in my reading list. I love reading this kind of book.

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