Zombie Contagion

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Zombie Contagion (Z-Factor Book 3)

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...A zombie novella that expands on the world it is set in, while still telling it's own story....

The world is beginning to suffer from the Z-Factor virus. After a brief view of what is happening at the outbreak compound, it switches to the Homewood compound, and a group of people who have survived for the past four months through the outbreak. What normalcy they have is still offset by learning to live with the constant threat of zombies. Having barricaded themselves into a high school, the remaining residents of the two towns try to survive. However when two of the elder population die, they find themselves with two Zombies inside their perimeter for the first time and the leader of the community and his daughter are attacked. When the injuries are discovered, after the fight, they survivors have some difficult decisions to make.

This is the third book in the series, so a certain amount of knowledge is required. There is not much of a recap of the previous two books, although it does give some mention to earlier events before jumping to the main location for this novella. The story focuses more on the teens who are living there, than the adults, and their perspectives mix between trying to live a normal life as well as being aware of the situation around them and the impact could have on a daily basis. The writing shifts cleverly between both viewpoints, dealing with teenage issues and then the zombie attack in a supposedly safe area. There is not much room for the characters to be given more life to, but by sticking to a few of them, it helps to paint out their lives. It also helps that the action is shown instead of just mentioned and gives extra impact to the events. The writing and formatting is fine, it clearly shows when events are occurring and how the pieces fit together. There are a couple of errors, but nothing to really stop any enjoyment of the story.

Despite being the third novella, it still has enough to tell a solid story and feels like it is expanding on a larger world rather than just being a throwaway part of it. If you do enjoy it, there are more books and novellas in the series to get stuck into

Rating: 4
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sliara (31 July 2021)
It was given a 4 rating, so it must be that good. If it has an unpredictable story, then readers would stick around for the new book.

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