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Angels to Ashes

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...This is an excellent story, that any fan of the genre should consider picking up. In fact, I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a good story....

When a problem occurs with the entrance of souls to Heaven, the Angel of Justice, Kalyndriel is sent to investigate. All she finds is that the last person to die in the area was Walter Grey. Unfortunately, his soul is owned by a Demon of Pride, Barnabas, given in trade for a stellar academic career and now currently resident in Hell. When Kalyndriel is then cast from Heaven, she is forced to work with Barnabas, especially when it become apparent that both sides in the war between Good and Evil have far more than a passing interest in just one soul. While their venture leads them through the plains of hell to recover Walter, the various factions make their moves and form new alliances. When they do find Walter, they realise they have so much further to go in a battle not just for the end of the world, but possibly for the end of everything.

This is an wonderful first time story from Drew Foote with great characters and an excellent take on the celestial story. The characters are well defined, each with their own thoughts and reasons that they act on accordingly throughout the story. It is to her credit that such a large cast comes across as well and varied as it does in this book. The plot takes a little while to get up to speed, but as the stakes begin to rise, so does level of well explained intricate plotting that occurs by the major players behind the scenes. In some ways, they are more interesting than the three protagonists. The book is well presented with no real formatting issues and only a few typos. Despite it’s length, the story is a real page-turner as I kept wanting to find out what happens next.

Importantly, the book does not attempt to proselytise at all, leaving the reader to make their own mind up about what might be right or wrong, especially when it no longer matchers up with what could be considered Good or Evil. It may contain Devils and Angels, but the choices they make could be considered all too human.

Overall, this is an excellent story, that any fan of the genre should consider picking up. In fact, I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a good story that might make you think a little deeper.

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