Don’t Fear the Reaper

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Don't Fear The Reaper

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...a story for horror fans,just not as scary as I was expecting....

The apocalypse is here and the Grim reaper is doing all in its power to ensure that all of humanity will perish. Helping him is the Anti-christ and some few followers who have traded their souls for power. At the same time the Anti-christ is born, a baby who will save mankind will also be born. Certain people connected with the babies are receiving vision of what is to happen, when the comets streak from the skies and the end of days comes. As the time draws nearer, everyone begins to make their plans to survive the coming winter that will encircle the world. All the while the Grim Reaper is putting his plans into effect to find the boy and ensure that his servants can kill him before he can save the world. Against him are a few people who find themselves chosen to protect him, who must survive.

This is an apocalyptic horror story taking well known themes and ideas and doing its best to blend them into its own telling. The plot is driven from those themes so there is little that is surprising about them, although some parts of it did seem a little superfluous to the main parts. The characters are an interesting collection between those doing their best to survive and those who feel abandoned by society and are now looking to destroy it. The horror in it is split between the supernatural and the apocalypse and in some ways it detracts from each other. Each of them could be used for shock and horror and in some ways the aftermath of the comets hitting the earth is more striking than the Grim Reaper and his minions. There are a few spelling mistakes but in general the plots skips on they don’t linger in the memory. The writing is descriptive and some of the parts do strike home the hopelessness and terror that the characters are feeling, but the supernatural parts don’t feel as real as nerve-wracking as the facing of the oncoming end of humanity.

The biggest issue I had is that the story just stops with so much of it left unanswered. The story ended abruptly and very much incomplete, which left me wondering what I had missed. Actually it is the first of a trilogy, although it was not obvious from the description.

Certainly a story for horror fans, just not as scary as I was expecting.

Rating: 3
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