Enchanted by the Cursed

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Enchanted by the Cursed: A Time-Travel Romance

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...A time travel romance for fans of the genre only....

It’s never a good start when on the second page you see “Copyright [Year of First Publication] by [Author or Pen Name]”. Nevertheless, I decided to continue and at least give the book a chance. The next is that the paragraphs were at least double line spaced leaving lots of blocks of text floating freely apart to pad the space out by a considerable margin. Anyway, I digress…

Dr Evelyn Reed is in Paris at a medical convention and finds herself being given a pendant by a strange old lady. Shortly after, she is more surprised to find herself transported to medieval Paris. Her arrival interrupts the execution of Marquis Lucien de Ledant, an ancient immortal who seizes the moment to fight his way free. With his freedom won, he see Evelyn and recognises her as image of his ancient nemesis and wearing the same pendant that may give him his powers back. Realising her predicament, Lucien invites Evelyn to his home and she agrees given no other option. Needing the pendant, Lucian asks for advice on the best way to get it from Evelyn, to be told that treating her well and being honest is what is required. But when Lucien’s best friend and his newly-wed wife are brutally struck down by the same hunters who were about to execute Lucien, they decide to find out how to save Lucien from his torment. Only the pendant has a price for its power and Lucien’s love for Evelyn grows, so does his hatred for the woman who cursed him leaving their desires and wishes in turmoil.

This is a nice and simple time travel romance, although with some sex scenes thrown in, just to add a little something extra. The plot concentrates solely on Evelyn and Lucien, which helps focus the story being told, though the remaining plot then settles into them fighting and making up and fighting again for the majority of the story while they travel around. The pace of the plot is a little slow and I found it easy to read through the pages without having to pay too much attention to what was going on. I did enjoy reading through it, but it never really caught my attention and really pull my into any of the scenes. The characters are by turn, interesting and then quite frustrating to follow. Like several stories of this genre, you do wonder if the main characters ever tried talking to each other, that so many of their problems would be solved. I will admit that I did enjoy the characters back and forth between Evelyn and Lucien from their different points of view and how they felt and reacted seemed quite real in what they are doing, even if their actions seemed a little baffling now and again.

As for the book itself, the formatting does need a lot of consideration and is really half the length it proposes to be due to this. I did see some spelling and grammar mistakes, but they are few and far between. But it is when several of the sentences are are only a few words long or character exclamations that a page of text is sparse indeed and you begin to wonder what happened.

Overall, this is one for fans of the genre looking for a story to while away an evening or two following our protagonists, but the editing is really difficult to get past on occasions. I’d like to give it a higher rating, but it would need an editing overhaul for that.

Rating: 2
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