Good Morning With a Killer

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Good Morning With a Killer (Transformed Pieces of The Charmer Book 1)

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...He's a waste of oxygen, she's stupid, they're a perfect match....

The problem I had with this one was the description: “What could happen if you left the bar with the wrong guy?”. Most women are accutely aware of the risks, so unless there was a twist (and I can think of an obvious one immediately, from a book entitled Man Eater) this was due for a two. I’m not sure if this is meant to be a look into a serial killer’s head or man’s erotica. I say for guys, because few women get turned on by the idea of sex with a guy whose spent the last half hour planning how to kill you.

The characters are limited. Mel is either from a guy’s point of view fantastic, from a woman’s point of view stupid. She leaves the bar with a guy she’s met once who practically quotes from the serial killer’s playbook (I think your fantastic, what a nice guy I am, lets go somewhere private.) Gary/John, the serial killer, is utterly egocentric. After setting up a world to ensure he only encounters the type of woman who will be his prey, he then assumes all women are like that. He’s a woman hater, which is obvious when he considers murdering divorcees a mercy-killing.

I suspect this was meant to be a hot, erotic, story. Unfortunately by the time it gets to the sex, the only thing this reader wanted to see was the lead’s corpse. He’s a waste of oxygen, she’s stupid, they’re a perfect match.

I got bored.

Rating: 2
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tirial (5 April 2017)
Reader, were you not having a good day when you reviewed this? I've seen you write one stars and zero stars that were more restrained...

Miranda (10 April 2017)
I wonder if this author really took enough time when creating those characters because it doesn't seem very well thought out from a psychological or human behavior point of view.

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