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Jump When Ready

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...Well plotted, and with a surprisingly poignant ending, this is a good book by any standard....

Well plotted, and with a surprisingly poignant ending, this is a good book by any standard.
When a tenager gets killed doing something stupid, that’s the starts of his problems. He meets a group of other dead teens from various eras, discovers his family think he has committed suicide and somehow needs to tell them that he didn’t, and then his sister gets kidnapped…

This is very definitely a Young Adult book, given the outlooks and apparent ages of the protagonists, and will definitely appeal to that age group. That said it is a fun read, and a fast one, for older readers.

The writing style is easy to read, and the plot moves at a good pace. This is less a ghost story than a coming-of-age story about a teen who happens to be dead and still finds himself having to grow up. The cover and formatting are thoroughly professional and there’s nothing to complain about.

Teenagers of all ages, college students and the New Adult age group should all enjoy this – as should older readers who can remember what those years were like.

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