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...Action adventure in the grain of Wilbur Smith, well written and hard to put down....

A fascinating story about a young man inheriting his father’s billions and deciding the change the world, by tackling the problem of African famines in Ethiopia – despite the fact he’s never been there, lived a very sheltered life, and knows little about how to manage money or people.

The description made me somewhat nervous. Played straight it could be hideously offensive, but tongue in cheek it could be very very funny. It is neither, offering a mix of acute character observations, pulse-pounding and gritty action, and some tear-jerking moments.  It lives up to the action adventure genre magnificently, with everything from plagues of locusts to armed attackers, a spectacular and ongoing culture clash, and a cast of interesting and unique characters. It is a definite hard inversion of the “great white saviour” genre

This is easy to read, easier to get caught up, and I lost track of time while reading it. Well-written, with no spelling or typos, it uses good grammar and punctuation throughout and if there were formatting problems I didn’t notice them. The only issue I had was that the main character didn’t seem to develop or learn much throughout, but then some people don’t.

Action adventure in the grain of Wilbur Smith, well written and hard to put down.

Rating: 4
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