Owner, Dearest Friend: Letter From a Lost Pet

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Owner, Dearest Friend: Letter From a Lost Pet

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...For a grieving pet owner, this will hurt but it is also a lovely book that provides some solace....

A single poem for pet owners about the loss of a pet, written from the pet’s point of view, and illustrated in watercolour.

It is a beautiful book. Each line of the poem is on a different page with outstanding illustrations: Black and white images of animals with flowers or details in watercolour. It is hard to explain, but it works. Cats, dogs. birds, they are all represented in the images, making this truly for almost any pet owner. Reptile and spider owners, sadly, have no representation in the illustration which I suspect certain other readers may be glad of.

There’s one odd bit of formatting at the fromt where the cover shows up on two successive pages and on Kindle for PC there’s a blank page between each entry. There’s no real fore- or after- matter, just the poem without even a link to the author’s amazon page. And it works, because I probably wasn’t in a condition to manage reading the aftermatter anyway.

After the first quarter I was in tears. If you’ve ever lost a pet you loved, this book will make you feel. While there are many poems about pet loss online already, this poem flows nicely, without the awkward or strained rhymes common to this type of thing.

While those who have lost a pet, or never owned one, may pass this up as glurgy, to anyone who has lost a pet it is so true it is heartbreaking. For a grieving pet owner, this will hurt but it is also a lovely book that provides some solace.

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Ellie Jane (28 August 2017)
Might not want to read in public if you're a crier. It's a beautifully written poem from a pet who has passed on to the rainbow bridge and wants to thank the beloved owner for everything. The love and fun. All of it. The pictures are lovely and the poem is moving. I picked this up with my free Prime shipping credits and I'm glad I did.

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