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Piety and other stories

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...Some strong content that might deter certain readers, but overall this is an excellent collection of short stories across a range of genres....

The is a collection of short stories by Ron Sanders, who I owe an apology to. This was one of the early books I picked from review, but it was also one of twenty completed reviews lost when I went into hospital, so I must apologise to the author.

The titular story, Piety, covers what can only be considered disastrous first contact, between a religious commune and…something. It is a truly disturbing story. “The Other Foot” is a satirical look at what goes around comes around, Alphanumerica is an unusual story written entirely in the form of online chats and emails between a website owner and one of his visitors,

This author is very good at leaving things unsaid, presenting events the way the story’s characters will see them while the reader can piece together far more. Some stories are first person, some third, but each has a distinct style that sets it apart from the others and fits the story well. C.F.B features a state-sponsored Guardian Angels type group. There’s a range of unusual ideas and styles contained here, ensuring that if some of the stories are a miss for you, others will definitely hit home. From slice of life to sci-fi horrors there’s a range of stories here, although I’d have to say it is not for children and those without strong stomachs might find a few of the stories disturbing.

The writing? Any author who can master such a range of styles and match their style to the story is fine by me. No typos or unintended grammar errors, and formatting which is clear and easy to read round out the good things about this collection.

There’s some strong content that might deter certain readers, but overall this is an excellent collection of short stories across a range of genres.

Rating: 4
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HattieMoon (11 May 2017)
Thanks for the detailed review. I do like collections of short stories but just looking at the cover I would never have picked this one. (Not a sci-fi fan.) I think it is a real gift to be able to adopt various writing styles; few authors can avoid their own voice dominating, though John Grisham has managed it a couple of times recently.

clair02 (12 May 2017)
I love sci-fi and this sounds like something that would be right up my alley. I agree with you, HattieMoon. It takes a really talented author to be able to migrate from one style of writing to another so seamlessly.

HighSparrow (17 May 2017)
Great review. I think this book is worth reading for anyone who is into Sci-fi and horror. I love that it's a collection of different types of stories that appeal to different audiences.

Miranda (17 May 2017)
I agree with you, HighSparrow. There is something for everyone in this book and for people like me who enjoy a lot of different genres, then it's perfect. It's great that it's so well written, too.

Meryl (20 May 2017)
Great review. I also like having a collection of short stories in vastly different genres. It gets kind of monotonous when it's all one genre sometimes and a little bit of variety is always appreciated.

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