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...This is a short, but fairly average, teen revenge comedy....

Callie is one of the school’s wallflowers, ignored, overlooked, and maltreated by the more popular kids. When she makes friends with Grace, the only girl more invisible than her, she finds out that being invisible can be a great way to get payback.

This is a very short story, and the payback is more juvenile pranks than anything particularly violent. At the same time, it sets up the characters well, as real if not likeable, and is well-presented with professional formatting and no typos.

This is a short, but fairly average, teen revenge comedy.

My real problem reviewing this is that it is very reminiscent of a certain first season Buffy episode, right down to “have a great summer” in the yearbook, and I think I’m too influenced by that to give it a fair rating.

Rating: Unrated
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