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...It may have been proof-read, but it really needs an editor....

A nasty prank if pulled off against a high school student called Stuart Dufflemeyer. However he is then granted the powers of the universe by a sacred amulet and uses them to take revenge.

The formatting is good, the grammar decent, and there are no real typos that I recall. However the problem is more the content. There is a term in fan fiction you will encounter: crackfic which for some reason I could not get out of my head while reading this. Sentences like:

“Kent penetrated her estranged eyes.” (Don’t worry, he’s just looking into them)

made it very hard to follow the book, and difficult to get into it. There are also the issues with how it presents the super-rich living; and Stuart himself is not a particularly sympathetic character, since the prank only works because of his rather poor attitude to women, and his treatment of them as commodities doesn’t change at any point.

“You got what you paid for. Women were no different.” p162.

Don’t worry, the book then goes on to assure us that Laura, the “one good woman” is not money-grubbing, right after he’s taken her on an unlimited shopping spree… Expect the book to contradict itself: for example, Laura has sex with him on a first date after she claimed she wouldn’t sleep with previous boyfriends because she was saving herself for marriage. The difference seems to be that they weren’t billionaires… The supporting cast are cardboard, and notably Stuart has no trouble harming innocents as part of his revenge.

There are factual errors like the difference between a solar system and a galaxy. I quote:

“All nine planets in the Milky Way were before him”

This isn’t even a fun read, just tiring. It may have been proof-read, but it really needs an editor. I don’t know who I could suggest it to, as there’s more wrong than there is right. I’m not honestly sure who this book is aimed at. The sex and adult content rather indicates an adult audience, but the plot is aimed at people rather younger and there are fundamental problems with it, including research failures.

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Meryl (3 May 2017)
It's sad that a lot of times authors will rush through writing and publishing a book just to get it out there and see their name in print and never take the time to do the necessary research to make sure that the book is worth reading. I'm feeling drained just from reading that review and I'll definitely give this book a miss.

Miranda (4 May 2017)
This sounds like one of those books that someone would rather bleed out of their eyes than read. I personally am grateful for the reviews that save us from having to experience such torture for ourselves.

jessica (7 May 2017)
It's always bad when Reader starts adding examples from the book:eek:. Think I'll skip this one.

HighSparrow (13 May 2017)
I'm with you on that one. This is probably one of those books that are so badly written that you would rather bleed out of your eyes than read it.

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