Sweet Revenge

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Sweet Revenge

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...A quick piece of humour for those with two minutes to spare...

Having fallen afoul of her husband’s good deed, the author finds herself planning for it not to go unpunished. This particular good deed had left her sprawled and dazed in front of a crowd, when he fixed the door of her car. As she attempted to should barge it open, instead of being stiff, it opened smoothly causing her to launch herself across the car park floor. In revenge, she decides a little payback is forthcoming, to embarrass him as much as he embarrassed her.

This is advertised as a five minute short story for anyone to quickly read as a timefiller. The plot is quick and simple, although I do feel slightly sorry for the husband as it seems he pays twice over for his good deed. Needless to say he did get a worthwhile reward at the end. Spelling and grammar were fine and the writing is pretty descriptive. It is also amusing and it did raise a chuckle at the antics, petty though they were.

Unfortunately, it’s more of a two minute anecdote with the rest of the book taken up with adverts for other publications, although the other books do look like fun. I was expecting a little more given the advertised length of the book, as it only fills a quarter of it.

But it’s a quick piece of humour for those with two minutes to spare, and at least gives a good taste of the writer’s style and links to other books.

Rating: 3
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