The Awakening

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The Awakening: A Dark Fantasy Novel

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...A solid fantasy which may borrow from several sources, but is still it's own story....

Gary Henderson works in a store by day and by night suffers nightmares. No ordinary nightmares but the last moments of people’s lives, helping to solve crimes with the police and with a remarkable success rate. But then, he begins to be freaked out by certain people in the present day and his dreams change to a time long, long in the past. One night, he finds himself witnessing the murder of a police officer as a ghost, who promptly rises again and is inducted by her murderer into a mysterious conspiracy of the undead. Gary flees for his life as they try to kill him, trying to evade the undead while his dreams become stronger and more vivid. These dreams also tell of sorcerers fighting an undead army in the past, the same undead army he is facing now, and Gary realises that if he can stay ahead, maybe he can learn how to defeat them.

I was not honestly sure what to make of this as it seemed to be a mix of a religious tract and a zombie story mixed together. However, the more I read and the more the separate stories intertwined the more interesting it became. The plot was a new one for me, but there are several influences and nods to other stories. I also have to say that there are several points set up throughput and it was interesting to see how and when they came back to be used. I also appreciate how the two sets of stories overlap and interact with each other, giving a fitting conclusion. I’m not sure the epilogue was necessary, but it did provide a useful secondary view on the events that occur. The characters were interesting to follow and stayed true to the way they acted through the story. Gary, and his counterpart Nephal both come across sincerely even as events overtake them and they don’t understand the full enormity of the events overtaking them. The minor characters, both good and evil, are not cardboard bystanders but are well defined in what they do. I didn’t spot any spelling mistakes or grammar errors, however there is one thing that did not help.

There are several authors notes scattered through the book while reading along. I can see why they were there, but they broke the flow of the book quite badly, when leaving them as addenda might have been a better option. The images included really didn’t help as well, especially as they were repeated a couple of times. Also the start is really slow and it does take a while for the full plot to uncover.

A solid fantasy which may borrow from several sources, but is still it’s own story.

Rating: 3
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Nocturnal Thinker (29 October 2020)
Did Gary succeed in fighting the undead? Or did he run away for his life to avoid getting caught by the army of the undead? This is a ghost story of a man who wanted to ward off the mystery about his nightmare. For me, this is good reads especially in this season of Halloween.

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