The Leshy

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The Leshy

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...An excellent short based on a Russian folktale but understandable for all....

Winter had been around for too long and everything is dying from the lack of food and the continuing cold. Mavka, a young girl who lives there, and dreams of what is happening. Trying and old trick which is not supposed to work, she sees the face of Winter and finds herself summoned to meet her. But when she gets there, Winter tells her that all must die before she can be freed. So she runs to get away not knowing why Winter is after her, but chased all the same.

This is a short children’s tale based on a Russian folklore. it is simple to understand even if some of the names are unfamiliar and descriptive enough to explain what the creatures are. The story is based on the turning of the seasons and should be understandable to even young children. The writing style is descriptive, giving a feel for the warmth of the hearth and the cold depths of winter. The characters may only appear briefly, but you quickly understand what they are doing and how they understand the world around them.

All in all an excellent piece of storytelling and if you enjoy it, they are several other stories by the same author that would be worth looking at.

Rating: 4
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