The Old Dog and The Doorstep

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The Old Dog and The Doorstep (Tabitha Tickham Tales Book 2)

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...If you are a fan of Coward or Wodehouse this will be right up your street....

Violet Tickham starts her day by putting her slipper-clad foot delicately into doggie-doo, not an auspicious start. Mater’s decision to donate her grandfather’s bicycle to the vicar’s auction ensure things can only decline from there.

The Old Dog and The Doorstep is a very mannered comedy, extremely P.G. Wodehouse in its attitude, character and writing style. Violet has a very clear voice; after all, why use plebian words like ‘walks’ when the more appropriate ‘perambulations’ is available. This is a very English book, all vicars, bicycles and village teas.

This is not the type of writing that appeals to me, but even so I can appreciate craftsmanship when I read it. I will admit that, for my sins, I am not a Jeeves and Wooster fan so I didn’t find this rib-tickling funny. For readers that are, I think this would be ideal. If you aren’t sure this is a short story designed to introduce the character of Violet and her social sufferings, so it is a good place to start if you wish to pick up the following series.

I’m giving this a four, which is very unusual for a book I did not like. However, that is more about me than the book, it is excellent written and if you are a fan of Coward or Wodehouse this will be right up your street.

Rating: 4
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