The Stolen Journey

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The Stolen Journey

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...A short story, full of spelling errors, little plot and less sense....

Rob is a citizen of Poland, set a few years in the future. He is friendly to everyone, works hard, and has a loving wife. Although they are worried about the upcoming election, they are hopeful that the peaceful Liberalism ruling party will remain in power ahead of the rising Socialist party. But in six months, after the election, the opposition party wins a majority of seats altering their lives for the worse.

This is a very short story, almost a polemic on certain types of government and very obvious in its execution. The writing is simplistic and has several spelling and editing errors throughout. The characters come across poorly as stereotypes. Rob is some kind of saint, with any skill he appears to need at his disposal, but with no build up as to how he might have them. Other than Rob, the others are there to interact with him and bask in his glory. Plot wise, it’s difficult to pick apart as it is so brief in two chapters. A day in the life before the election and a day in the life after it. However, the ending comes out of nowhere and makes little sense as to how Rob can do such a thing other than a massive case of Deus Ex. Either that or the author thought it was funny.

I honestly have no idea if English is the first language of the author or not, given the setting, but either way it really could have done with an editor to help improve it. Although I’m not sure even that would work. This is not a it’s so bad, it’s good story, this is a so bad, it reminds you of what a good story really is.

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