Time Travel Romance: The Time I Love

...Three good tales and one not-so-good tale of time-travel romance...

This is a set of four stories of romance set out of time, with one of the pair finding themselves somewhere unexpected. From Sophia, who finds a Viking warrior suddenly on-board her boat while she is researching her PhD, Sabine who finds herself in the American past, to Sophie who finds a Scottish Highlander swept up on the beach and Avril who finds herself in Bohemian Paris. Each of the stories finds a couple coming together across time and space and falling in love.

Each of the stories are small self-contained tales, although the amount of time that passes in each does vary from a few days to several years. All four stories do contain mature scenes, I should have read the synopsis when I picked up the books, but I decided to check them out anyway, to see how interesting they were. In general three of the stories held my interest, the characters were interesting, confused by the events as they should be, but responding to them the people around and the situations they find themselves facing. Unfortunately, the first story plays to a much lower common denominator and nearly put me off reading the rest of them, which would have been a shame. The writing does vary between the stories, although the plot is the same in each, however, when given a chance it is descriptive of the characters and their feelings about what is happening. As for the mature scenes, well, they happen.

If you are of a young age, you shouldn’t be reading this book. Then again, unless you are a fan of the genre, you probably won’t be reading this book anyway.

Rating: 3
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