What’s Beyond the Gate?

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What's Beyond the Gate?

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...a short read, but the rampant spelling errors and grammar issues drop the rating....

Rumours abound about the locked gate by the school. You decide to investigate so you steal a key and go through with your friends…

I cannot say much about the plot because it is a very short read – my synopsis above covers half the book. This is one of the few books I have read written in second person (from the perspective of “you”) which does make it stand out, but not always in a good way.

The story is distinctly American in tone – a school president and principal (spelled Principle) instead of headteacher, flashlight instead of torch. As well as the spelling errors, there are some odd sentence structures and grammar, for example, capitalisations in the middle of sentences, “an old women” (sic) etc.

I’m not sure who the target audience is for this – the simple vocabulary is too basic for the age group that the environmental message of the plot is aimed at, and believe me this book definitely has a message. All said, it’s a short read, but the rampant spelling errors and grammar issues drop the rating to a 2.

Rating: 2
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PetePrince (20 March 2017)
I think it is telling when an author, (and I use that term here very loosely), restricts the 'look inside' to their copyright blathering. Ironically this one relates to Smashwords, so she didn't even bother to re-purpose it for Amazon. By the way, the target audience is 0-6, poor things. It's pretty bad that they are being introduced to the wonderful world of books though badly spelled and poorly written efforts like this.

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