World’s first Frogmen in the war’s biggest feats: The raid on Alexandria

...I did not finish it, for two reasons. The first was formatting, or lack of it, and the other was the English. Read the Look Inside or Sample before you buy....

This book about Italian Frogmen states it is a work of fiction based on real events, but I didn’t get far enough to know or confirm its accuracy. I did not finish it, actually stopping reading a little way in for two good reasons.

The first is formatting: there are no new lines for speech, scene breaks, or paragraph breaks, making it hard to tell who is talking, and presenting the reader with a wall of text.

The other is the English. Two notable examples marked the page where I quit.

“None ships were in sight.”


“Within minutes was they eight men.”

I could give further examples, but almost every sentence on the page is like this. Read the Look Inside before you buy.

Rating: DNF
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