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Wrecks - A Maltese Collection: History Collection

Last Free on: 12th Mar 16
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...Did not finish - even though I really wanted to. This is a fascinating read, with some gorgeous photographs, but trying to read it was killing my eyes. ...

I picked this up because it looked interesting. A diver’s story of exploring his favourite wrecks around the world held a lot of promise, and the writing lived up to it. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish the book due to a major problem.

The formatting on Kindle for PC is a nightmare. It tries to condense a printed page onto the screen resulting in extremely small text (4 pixels high on the default setting). I had to resize the display before the standard left and right page turns would work and then only intermittently, and on first load you can only navigate by a footer bar which hides part of the already squished page. You will end up scrolling and the book cannot reflow text, or even resize it without resizing the whole page. By page 4 I was getting tired of having to scroll down to see the rest of the page and then waggle the mouse until the footer became visible, page turn, wait for the footer to vanish, and then scroll…

This is a fascinating read, with some gorgeous photographs, but trying to read it was killing my eyes. I would love to get a copy in paperback, and as far as I can tell there’s nothing wrong with the writing, grammar or spelling. It is just an example of why scanned PDFs don’t make good ebooks. Did not finish – even though I really wanted to.

Rating: DNF
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rz3300 (26 September 2016)
Well it sounds like the text is rather small, but i actually like it that way, even though it does kind of strain my eyes as well. Hopefully if the photos are as great as you make it sound then that will work to more or less balance that eye strain, but I guess we shall see.

clair02 (27 September 2016)
As a writer I understand the importance of the proper formatting for books. That is one thing that would put me off a book totally. I just can't bring myself to suffer through a badly written or formatted book, no matter how good it supposedly is. I guess it's not too late for the author to fix it though. Other than that, it sounds like it would make a really great read.

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