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Free on 21st Apr 17
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vigor&belle presents our ‘Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Cookbook & Guide’ for just $0.99 today! Regular price $2.99. Compatible to read on your kindle device, tablet, phone or computer.

vigor&belle is a lifestyle brand for healthy eating and beauty that can change the way you live your life. Most of us are aware of what we should be eating: at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, and probably a lot less fat, salt, and sugar too. The problem with the way that many of us eat is that we’re just not getting the nutrition we need, and it’s this that can cause problems.

Too many of us eat the ‘Wrong’ types of food, and because of this we’re getting fatter, and missing out on vital nutrition that our bodies need to function properly. Many people suffer from inflammation, but they are not aware that it’s anything out of the ordinary. They assume that their inflammation is something their body can easily deal with, without realizing that it can leave them feeling run down, and their immune system compromised.

The anti-inflammatory diet is an effective diet or eating plan, that can help to reduce inflammation, and pain, as well as the symptoms associated with inflammation. It does this while also helping you to have more energy, and a better functioning immune system, simply because you’ll be eating a lot of natural foods that are low in fat, but high in all those vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body so badly needs.

Within this cookbook you will find a 30 DAY HEALING MEAL PLAN! It contains delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes everyday for 30 days following the Anti-inflammatory Diet. After this one month of following this diet, you will start to notice differences in the way you feel, your energy levels and reductions in any pain or bloating you have experienced before.

In this cookbook you will find a 30-day meal plan with recipes for yummy and filling breakfasts such as Buckwheat and Quinoa Granola, Gingerbread oatmeal, and Gluten Free strawberry pancakes. For lunch you can enjoy meals like Sweet Potato Soup, Kale and blueberry salad, and Chicken and Turmeric Rice. Dinners include things like BBQ Chicken Pizza, Chicken Eggplant Curry and Carrot, Feta and Sweet Potato Fritters!

This Anti-inflammatory Diet: Cookbook & Guide includes:

What is the Anti-Inflammatory Diet What are the Health Benefits / What Health Conditions are Associated with inflammation30 Day Meal Plan with recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day Don’t miss out! Download your copy today!

Free on 21st Apr 17
View on Amazon.co.uk


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