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Free on 28th May 18
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Do you feel the lack of real connections, trusting and intimacy in your life?

Do you feel that you are somehow less than others and you have to please everyone to get them accepting you?

Do you experience unhealthy or unacceptable behaviors in your partner but you stay with him or her anyways?

Do you have problems with feelings like anger, resentment, depression, hopelessness and despair? Have you ever gone emotionally numb?

Guess what. These are signs of unhealthy mental patterns and they means that you are – at least to a certain degree – Codependent.

With this mind-opening book you will be able to recognize your codependent patterns and see how they’re unhealthy for you, also you will get help to eliminate them from your life and relationships.

You will learn everything you need to know about how codependency can affect your relationships and mental health to how to really fight it.

In this book you will find practical advice and tools, such as excercises to make your unconciuos habits conciuos in order to change them.

Also this book will inspire you to get in touch with your feelings and start to express them, it will help you with communication and intimacy and to gain personal power in your life and relationhips.

This life-changing guide is divided into 30 steps, one new lesson every day. You will need only 5 to 30 minutes per day to get on a positive cycle on your path of recovery.

This is not a huge book with hundreds of pages, and this is exactly why this guide is a must-have piece of your collection. I will not confuse you with tons of information about your problem, I don’t want you to get lost in all of that.

I give you a compass: a simple yet effective equipment to navigate you through the storm.

Are you Ready to Change your Life? Click “Add To Cart” and Start Overcoming your Codepedency Now!

Free on 28th May 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


No reviews yet.

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