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Bargain on 11th Jan 18
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Kingpin Wifeys Season 1 Volume 2 includes Part 5 – 8.

The drama and intrigue continue in part 5. Lani mourns the loss of Chris, questions arise as to whether Black was involved in his death. Shamari fights a new case and Craig threatens to cut Jada off. Trey has unfinished business and is determined to find the girl arrested with Monte, but is taken by surprise when he finds the beauty he’s been searching for.

Part 6 brings twists and turns as Starr confronts Trey about the package and his indiscretions and is faced with choosing to stay with the man who keeps breaking her heart or leave him. Mike brings the beef with Black to his doorstep which may cost him more than he’s willing to pay. Shamari is running from the Feds and out of time. Does he take his lawyer’s advice and turn himself in, or keep his plans with Jada?

In Part 7, the beef with Black and Mike continues and Black is determined to get it all back: his son and his money! Shamari now has a completely new face and intends to do whatever it takes to remain free. Trey may have come to the end of the game when he’s pulled over by a State Trooper. And Lani has to finally realize that Black is nothing but bad news.

Part 8, the finally will take your breath away as Lani, Starr and Jada face their biggest challenges of the season and al hell breaks loose as the women fight to hold onto the people and things that they love.

Kingpin Wifeys Volume 2 will have you turning the pages and gasping for air at the same time!!

Kingpin Wifeys Season I
Kingpin Wifeys Part 1- 3
Kingpin Wifeys Part 4: Jada’s Story
Kingpin Wifeys Part 5: Lani’s Dilemma
Kingpin Wifeys Part 6: A Starr is Born
Kingpin Wifeys Part 7: Who Do You Love?
Kingpin Wifeys Part 8: Finale for Season 1

Kingpin Wifeys Season II
Kingpin Wifeys Part 1: A Dollar Before Sunset
Kingpin Wifeys Part 2: The Bad Guy
Kingpin Wifeys Part 3: Going Hard
Kingpin Wifeys Part 4: The Black Widow
Kingpin Wifeys Part 5: If God Is For Us
Kingpin Wifeys Part 6: The Wages of Sin
Kingpin Wifeys Part 7: The Season Finale

Kingpin Wifeys Season III
Kingpin Wifey Part 1: Thicker Than Blood
Kingpin Wifeys Part 2: The Agreement
Kingpin Wifeys Part 3: Happy Birthday
Kingpin Wifeys Part 4: Crown My Ass

Bargain on 11th Jan 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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