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Bargain on 3rd - 7th Jan 18
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Ultimate Interview Questions and Answers Guide

This guide has been prepared by a PwC Consulting Manager and is one of the limited guides written by a hiring manager.

Most interview guides are prepared by HR professionals not by actual practicing Hiring Managers. As a result of this, candidates fail miserably when they reach the hiring manager stage of the interviews. The reason is fairly simple to understand; HR and Hiring Managers look for completely different things within a potential candidate. That’s one of the many qualities of this guide.

In preparation of this book, I have sifted through 100s of potential interview questions, before short-listing 6 main topics and questions. You don’t need to know the perfect answers to 100s of interview questions. Simply because perfect answers don’t exist. You are only required to know how to properly approach the most commonly asked questions. This is what this guide excels at.

This guide is NOT for you if:

You are looking at finding “perfect” sample answers to 100s of interview questions which you think you can simply memorize and recite within any interview and believe you will be able to pass all interviews because of those magical answers.You are not genuinely serious about progressing your career and you believe that the reason you fail interviews is due to the fact that your answers are not perfect.

This guide is DEFINITELY for you if:

You are looking to understand how to strategically position yourself through your answers, discover the unwritten requirements, and give HR & Hiring Managers what they are “Really” looking for with your answers to their interview questionsYou understand that there is never a perfect answer, yet there is a perfect approach. A Preview of What You Will Learn;

What Are Hiring Managers Really Looking For?Tell Me About Yourself (How To Present Your Background. I have also included sample PowerPoint slides that you can download. These slides will be of significant help to you)Why Do You Think You Are A Good Fit For This Role? Why Are You Leaving Your Current Employer?How To Leverage Unwritten Requirements To Gain a Massive EdgeDifferences Between HR and Hiring ManagersHow To Act In Front of Each OneBonus: Is Management Consulting Right For You?Mega Bonus: Complimentary access to a 3-day video training that will take your career to the next level.

Some readers said;

“Deniz, this is an exceptionally high-quality guide. I can’t thank you enough for writing this resource and preparing the video series. I have had hundreds of great, light-bulb moments both going through the book and your free video course. I am indebted to you”

Mark Vujevich

“I will definitely be sharing this incredible book with all of our final year students. They have so much to learn from you”.

Mika Sorenson

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Bargain on 3rd - 7th Jan 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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