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Free on 23rd Sep 18
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“If you’ve ever stalked your ex on Facebook, or cried when the man you loved married someone else, then you will love Burn’s World.” Amazon Reviewer
To fit in with the wealthy and popular girls at school, bi-racial Burn is desperate to change her Facebook status to “In a relationship.”
So when the school star athlete, blue-eyed, blonde haired, Brody McGraw asks her out, Burn can hardly believe her luck. Brody is crazy about Burn, she is crazy about Brody, and it is a huge thrill to finally change her relationship status on Facebook.
However, Brody’s mother has huge political plans for her family and she makes it clear, that they do not include someone like mixed-race Burn.
Because of Dawn’s rejection, Burn suffers severe bouts of self-loathing and eventually decides to make a decision that breaks her heart – she walks away from Brody and the racist McGraw family. Brody is absolutely crushed and tries desperately to change Burn’s mind.
Enter Trojan Catrell, a street thug and an enemy of Brody McGraw. He’s noticed Brody and Burn together and since he holds a grudge against the over privileged Brody, he decides that he’s going to make Burn his. Bad boy Trojan sets about wooing Burn.
There’s a problem: Burn’s not interested in Trojan and his tattoos. Her heart still longs for Brody McGraw, in spite of everything.
There’s a bigger problem: Trojan has no intention of taking no for an answer. In fact, when Burn rejects him, he becomes obsessed with her, especially since he’s never been rejected by a woman before.
Then there’s an even bigger problem: Brody is furious at Trojan’s gall and swears to find a way to get even with Trojan.
Then there’s an even bigger problem, huge! Trojan is possessive, jealous and he is not someone you should cross. Ever!
The result is a complicated, explosive, jealously-laden, drama-filled, heartbreaking, yet humoros read from Eve Rabi that will keep you turning pages.
This romantic suspense thriller, new adult, humorous love triangle spans years – from adolescence to adult and is free for a limited time.
Book Two of Burn’s World – When You Touch Me Like That, is available for sale and is free on kindleunlimited.

“Once you read this book every other book you read after it pales in comparison.”
“If you see Eve Rabi as the author of a book, you can guarantee it will be well worth the money to read. Her Burn series are exciting, sensual, and realistic.” Amazon reviewer
“Very good read. I just started reading it yesterday and I just couldn’t put it down.”
“This book was great. Rabi writing was unique and interesting. I was laughing and reading, even took a longer break just to keep reading.”
“I loved it. I laughed, I got angry enough to pause my kindle, and I cried. I’m a picky reader and I’m glad this book didn’t leave me asking for a refund.”
“This is a smokin’ hot series. I am addicted, I can’t wait for each book.”

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Free on 23rd Sep 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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