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Heart-stopping action, from the author of Secret of The Lost Key.

Lying in a hospital bed, Michael Brown feels he is overdue a break in luck. Abandoned by two friends, during a heist gone wrong. Revenge is on his mind.

He looks down and notices that he is wearing someone else’s patients ID bracelet. Other patients tell him, that he doesn’t want to be Diego Gonzalez. If he is wearing Diego’s patient ID, then someone wants Deigo dead.

Michael needs to escape and begin to unravel the part that he must play in a deadly game of cat and mouse across the city of New York. There is more to Diego than meets the eye. If Michael can stay alive long enough to find out, then he might just survive.

Fast-paced action, from the get-go.

If you enjoyed, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp, Matthew Reillys’s Scarecrow, and Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne, then you will be engrossed in this unputdownable thriller from Paul Kilmartin.

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Free on 10th - 13th Feb 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


"An actioner with plenty going on but, I suspect, a little too shallow for most action fans."

Reviewer: .

There are a few writing issues, particularly with comma locations and capitalisation, including on the first page: "medical team of young, Junior Doctors passed" and missing hyphens e.g. "knee length".

This has great ideas and should be a rip-roaring ride and yet I couldn't get into it. Perhaps it is because the characters come and go very fast making it hard to find any depth in them, and because I lost all sympathy for the main character very quickly in the second couple of chapters. The words of death for a book are "I don't care about these people" and to be honest I didn't. The author slowly began to get me back in the last chapter of the book, but by then it is too late.

I think a good editor could turn this into a four- or five-star book, but without it there's simply too much going on to really get invested in it. The story happened without me ever feeling really drawn in, and with regard to characters I find it hard to actually give distinctive attributes or personalities to any of them. Their physical attributes are described, but the personalities are blank slates and since everyone is lying anyway it is hard to say if any of them have distinct traits.

Overall this is an actioner with plenty going on but, I suspect, a little too shallow for most action fans.

Rating: 2

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