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How To Mix Herbs And Spices To Make Your Own Amazing Seasonings: The Essential Seasoning Cookbook!

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Go to your cabinet and take down a jar of spices. Open it and notice how little each piece is and take a good whiff of its aroma. Even though spices are very little, they have a rich history that dates back 50,000 years ago. In fact, kings and traders have fought wars over spices. In addition, many of the earliest large communities were formed because of the availability of spices there.

Written proof exists that spices were very important in early Indian, Egyptian and Chinese culture. Most of these herbs, such as cinnamon, cassia, anise, and mustard, were used to treat the sick and heal wounds. In addition, archaeologists believe that herbs and spices were used in cooking.

Mixes are so versatile that you can create any mixture that you desire. If you find yourself thinking that food is boring, then try spicing it up with spice mixes regardless of whether you are having salads, rice, chicken, fish, beef, or seafood. Once you begin, you will enjoy finding endless possibilities!

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Seasoning Cookbook – A Brief Look at the History of SpicesSeasoning Cookbook – The Most Common Spices to UseSeasoning Cookbook – Shopping, Toasting, Grinding and Storing Spice MixesSeasoning Cookbook – Italian Spice MixesSeasoning Cookbook – South American Spice MixesSeasoning Cookbook – North American Spice MixesSeasoning Cookbook – Australian Spice MixesSeasoning Cookbook – Mediterranean, African and Asian Spice MixesMuch, much more!

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Free on 17th - 21st Aug 15
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