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Author: Genre: (, , ) Length: Novelette

Bargain on 15th - 19th Feb 19
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At this moment in the world is over. Both fortunate and unfortunate events happening across the world as ever there were moments of love and moments of pain but a direction of good. People taking joy in peoples laughs people planning revenge with math. People singing people crying. The reverence in difference yet similarity of the human civilisation grew ever closer in the modern life.Yet separation and war was at this time dwindled by the growth of globalisation multiculturalism and a call for peace. A call from the joining of people to appreciate the world and some who did not take reverance in their importance as human life upon the earth; There statue of time in influence.

Some of them waged wars but some waged love. And others slayed the growing zombie plague. The story follows two protagonists as they battle through zombie infested lands and deliver much needed munch to the settlers in the plagueland towns. They venture for good and also they venture through the Lands for their own desires…

Bargain on 15th - 19th Feb 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


"this is not a book I would recommend."

Reviewer: .

This is a novelette. It is marked as Did Not Finish. That should say everything.

The main reason I did not finish this book, and nearly did not finish the front page, is the writing. It would be unfair to blame proofing and editing as that has been limited in scope.

There is a blatant spelling error in the first few words of the second paragraph ('where' instead of 'were'). Commas are notable for their complete absence, a major issue when sentences span multiple lines. Fragmentary sentences lead into run on sentences in the same paragraph. And we're just reaching the bottom of the first page, to be greeted by tense confusion in the next sentence. I don't mean the characters are confused and the story is tense, I mean the sentence can't make up its mind what tense it is in. It does however know that it is purple. Actually it is luridly indigoic purpulean violet, to channel the work I am reading.

There are some gems: "for what she wanted in her pocket was not credit card but the heart of a loved one." but as promising and unintentionally hilarious as this line is, the book does not live up to it. And I still have to find out what a 'vis' is and why it is 'lurking'. Sadly I do not care enough to read the third page to find out.

Formatting is best described as "oh dear". Paragraph alignment varies between Left, Center and Justify on Kindle Cloud Reader. Sometimes paragraphs are indented. Sometimes words halfway through paragraphs are indented. On location 22, right after two apostrophes turned up in one word, and that is not how you spell either tapestries or tapestry's whichever was meant, I saw the last line of the page and quit:

"Eaaaaaaaaaa ammmmmmmmmmmrrtrrrrrrrrrelt oaaa They..."

That is an E followed by 11 a's followed by a space, an a and 11 m's etc. That is not a mistype, it is in the book. Which I then put down.

I have not discussed characters, story, or plot because I haven't encountered any named characters or located a plot yet, and I do not feel equipped for that challenge. If it takes me more time and effort to read the book than was put into creating it, that is the point where I put the book down.

In case I am unclear this is not a book I would recommend.


Rating: DNF

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