The April newspaper reviews are out. This month we are on the top corner of page 5, so don’t look in the normal place. We’ve featured five books this month.

“Anna” by Joseph McCluskey (Thriller)
“Looking through Lace” by Ruth Nestvold (Science fiction)
“I am Ella. Buy me.” by Joan Ellis (Contemporary Drama/Romance)
“Kung Fu Carp Fishing” by Adam Dailey-McIlrath (Humour)
“The Return of the Key” by Alisha Nurse (YA Fantasy)

You can view this column on the online edition of the newspaper. To view it click here and scroll down to page 5.

Our main news this month, however, that we have secured another three months. The column will continue for May, June, and July in the Caterham Independant.

We are also investigating possible syndication in other regions. With authors from Bournemouth and Newquay to Scotland and Ireland, we’ve had quite a range of local and small press books featured, so there is normally going to be someone local to a region – and frankly good books always interest readers!


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