Good news: We’ve been accepted by the Riot Ad Network!

As a network focusing on readers, the ads should be more relevant to visitors, but it should also give us a bit more stability – and a bit more time to read! There are more details about them here, but as they focus on creatives we think they will be a good fit for the site.

This will mean making some changes, but as the front end is already being re-coded to improve performance, that won’t be a problem. The sidebar will be wider and the ads will move around as discussed in our last post.

We have had requests for a discussion feature so we’ve asked the IT guys to look into adding a forum. (We did try opening comments across the site, but the amount of spam was appalling.) The sort of thing we would put there initially for discussion include more candid reviewers’ notes, best independent bookshops, places to read and write, etc.

And we’re still working on the next newspaper column after one of the planned books was withdrawn from sale at the last moment. It is expected to go in tomorrow, when we can let the authors know.

As always, any comments or discussion can be added below: