The Caterham and District Independent newspaper, February edition, no. 105, came out yesterday and we got our copies this morning. As you can imagine, the club was buzzing, and certain out of area members phoned round to find their nearest copies!

We are very happy with the result. The reviews are on page 6 at the top by the centerfold, opposite a feature story. The column is nicely laid out and looks distinct, for which we must thank RA.

Bookangel reviews in Caterham and District Advertiser

Bookangel reviews in Caterham and District Advertiser

We reviewed 5 books in this column:

The paper was distributed to 22,000 households, is in every library in the area, and has a readership of 45,000, so hopefully this will help authors find a few new readers, and readers find a few new authors.

Now we just need to see whether it makes a difference to the book sales!

Bookangel Caterham and District reviews, Feb 2015

Bookangel Caterham and District reviews, Feb 2015
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There’s a print version of the column linked from the image to the right. Simply click the image to open a readable version in a new window.

If you would like to help this effort to get indie books into the mainstream, there’s one simple thing you can do: talk about it.

Whether it is at your book club or online, twitter or face-to face, tell people that the column exists and discuss the books on it. We have two more columns to run during this trial period, so please let us have your comments and feedback, share them in letters to the editor, or just discuss the column in general.


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