We have submitted the newspaper reviews for March to the paper. This month, like last month we managed to fit five reviews in, and the authors have been emailed so they have some warning before the paper comes out.

We’ll leave it up to the authors whether they want to mention it before the paper goes live, but we won’t say which books we chose yet. This month’s was a difficult pick as there were so many good titles, and we’ve carried a couple over to next month.

As always, if you want to help the best thing you can do is spread the word: there’s a newspaper column reviewing indie titles. (If you weren’t aware of the feature, click here for details)

With one column out, and March’s submitted, we only have one more, April’s, after this. Whether we can extend the column passed that point will depend on how popular it is, and how much feedback the paper (and us) get on it. Our sponsorship only covers the three months, so whether it gets extended will depend entirely on feedback. The cut-off deadline for a May column is April 5th.

If you would like to give feedback or discuss the reviews now that one column has come out, please drop us a note below: