Fairy Wonderland Handbook

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Fairy Wonderland Handbook

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...This was a severe disappointment. On the other hand, you are looking to buy fairy accessories or dolls, this is not a bad catalogue....

This book gave me a very unpleasant surprise halfway through.

Initially it looks like a wonderful children’s book: we are introduced to Dink, the toothfairy, who is taking a break to tell children about fairies. The illustrations are gorgeous, designed to appeal to the very young. The text is in a script font, visually attractive but occassionally hard to read on the patterned backgrounds.

Partway through the drawn illustrations are replaced by photographs of dressed up dolls. By about three quarters of the way through I was actually getting irritated. Details of fairies for children to enjoy had been replaced by suggestions that you should provide a fairy house or door, which could be bought pre-made (with photographs of pre-made ones). It sounds horrible, but it felt like reading a catalogue.

Then I went to the authors website: http://www.merryelfmas.com/ selling fairy doors, etc.

This was a severe disappointment. Unless you are a parent who wants to deal with a lot of pester power, I would suggest avoiding this book. If on the other hand, you are looking to buy fairy accessories or dolls, this is not a bad catalogue.

Rating: 2
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