Minecraft: Diary of a Minecraft Zombie

...Minecraft fans may enjoy it, but the spelling issues are likely to deter other readers....

This is a fun short read, about a zombie who decides he doesn’t want to be a zombie anymore. He falls in love with a human at the nearby village. When the leader of the zombies decides he’s going to attack the village what can our hero do? All the villagers see is a zombie that keep coming back to their town.

The writing style is simple and direct, and I would have thought it was aimed at children.The story is short, followed by author’s notes which include links to fun Minecraft accounts on Youtube and more. Oddly I don’t see much in the main story to make it specifically Minecraft rather than a generic fantasy setting.

The main issue with the book is that it is not well-edited, and there are obvious errors in spelling and grammar. Several of these are ones that could have been caught by a spell check e.g. ‘II’ instead of ‘I’ and ‘though’ instead of ‘thought’. There are also missing full stops, and questionable speech punctuation.

Result: A 2. It’s a nice idea, but please use a spell-check at least. Minecraft fans may enjoy it, but the spelling issues are likely to deter other readers.

Rating: 2
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