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Hailey's Adventure: The Legend of Tupa's Heart

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...Children will love it. If you're an adult reading it to children it's actually quite entertaining for most ages....

Hailey’s grandfather is an explorer, so when he asks her to read his notes and see if he missed anything, she jumps at the chance. When it leads to her and her friend Milo to go on his next treasure hunt its the adventure of a lifetime.

It is a children’s book which starts with the concept that no two people read the same book the same way. That’s a fast way to get me hooked. It lives up to the early promise. The writing is excellent, the formatting and layout is thoroughly professional, and I spotted no grammar or spelling errors. The illustrations are very very good: full colour, and five star.

Hailey and Milo are intelligent leads, if a little headstrong. They do make bad choices, but they are kids, and as this is a children’s book there are no real consequences (although I’ll bet her grandfather got shouted at by her mother when they got back!). The treasure turns out to not be something they can take home, but it ends with the party reunited and ready for a new adventure, with both a strong ending and plenty of hooks for the next story.

Children will love it. It is easy for an older child to put themselves in with their heroes and enjoy the adventure along with them. If you’re an adult reading it to children it’s actually quite entertaining for most ages.

Rating: 4
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rz3300 (18 September 2016)
Well hearing that it is for children makes me pretty pumped to have another opportunity to find something good for work. The same old stories get a little repetitive, and I am always looking for something new for the kids. Sounds like a good read aloud book, which I always enjoy.

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