A Girl’s Best Friend

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A Girl's Best Friend

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...the formatting and grammar obscured the story completely...

This was the story of Molly, her dog Leo, and her quest for a boyfriend – who doesn’t have to be perfect, she’ll settle – and her dating mishaps.

I picked it up expecting a funny, quirky read.

By the second page, I was struggling because this book really needs a formatter and an editor. The decision to centre all text is a bold one, but it makes reading it much more difficult. Speech is included in the flow of the paragraph, with no linebreaks, making it hard to follow conversations. There are both typos and missing capitalisation: mathlete and josh and molly for starters. Random caps show up where they shouldn’t “If My dating” and confusions between your and you’re occur (loc 234)

It is also apparent by the second page that this woman is really shallow. I shuddered when she made a reference to a wedding invite reading “a dog does not count as a plus one” because it means she¬†probably has turned up at a wedding with an uninvited pet. I did hope she was joking, but as the pages turned it became apparent she’s clueless enough to do that.

The grammar and writing style? Well, she’s trying to come across as a bubbly vivacious 20-something, writing in conversational style. This works to an extent but excerpts like “I was scared the cyclist wouldn’t see him and squish himself as they were passing by.” (loc 74) has so many grammar flaws it is hard to parse. Tenses shift from present to past between sentences (he is, his hair was loc 225),

At loc 408 I gave up. Even though there was only a hundred locations to go, the formatting and grammar obscured the story completely. If It got an editor and proof-reading, then I may re-read it, but as it is, I can only echo Angel: “Holy Wall of Text, Batman!”

Rating: DNF
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