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...A comedic, cozy, witchy, story worth checking out. ...

Everly Thyme is 30-something in a relationship that isn’t really working, sharing a flat with a friend and watching her life idle by. That all changes when she answers a invitation, almost a summons, to dinner from her Aunt Legoria who she has not seen in several years. As neither Everly nor her mother know where she lives, it seems that arrangements have been made and a limousine is ready to drive her away. While most of the journey is dull, it’s when they get there that things change for the interesting as they car is attacked by something that Everly is sure should not exist. It seems that her Aunt and the town are holding more secrets than she knows.

This is a short, but exceedingly enjoyable, witchy, tale, which fits more into the cozy genre than anything else. As this is more a prequel setting the stage for later books, the plot is fairly simple. But that does not mean that some fun is not had with the situation and the absurdity of it all. There are also plenty of plot threads to be picked up in later books, all of which come naturally from the setup. The characters are The writing is excellent and I really enjoyed Everly’s thoughts as she tries to process what is happening around her. The comedic tone helps to keep it light-hearted throughout and I found it it is easy to read along. Whether it is the sly asides on the world around or the banter between Everly and her mother, one witty aside follows another. This interaction also helps to being all the characters to life and a surprising amount of backstory can be gleaned from their interaction, both happy and unhappy.

There are a couple of minor mistakes in the book, but overall they are well outweighed by the fun I had reading it. I only hope the rest of the series is as well-written as this one is. Definitely, for fans of the genre but good for anyone looking for well-written 30 minute tale to check out the series.

Rating: 4
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