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Consoling Angel

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Mira’s last year in New York has not been a happy one. Having lost her father to illness, she spends more of her days concentrating on her work than living her life. What they had shared together was a love of watching films with James Dean. After a phone call from he best friend taking about yet another boy she fancies, Mira falls asleep on her bed surrounded by the scrapbooks, she had put together of the actor. When she wakes it is 50 years earlier and things are very different leaving her in shock. Yet some things still feel familiar, he mother and best friend were still there, only transplanted back fifty years. Heading out to enjoy the New York of yesteryear, she is surprised by how different it is and when staying out for longer than she should, she runs into James Dean himself. Now Mira is torn between the attraction she feels for him and warning him of the tragic fate that will kill him.

This is a short, sweet, time travel romance set in New York that captures both eras and yet manages to bring them both together. The plot may be commonly used, but this tale has it’s own version, which manages to be both bittersweet and heart-warming by the end, while neatly wrapping up the threads that had run through it. It is an interesting choice in how the 1950s was presented with only Mira finding herself affected by it and yet accepting the changes that have occurred, even if they mix up her past and present lives. Although given the way the story turns out, it does makes a certain amount of sense and also gives the story it’s title as well. The characters as they are work well, perhaps a little too wholesome even in a romance, but they fit the feel of the story, supportive, kind and looking out for each other. Mira is a excellent character, knowing the flaws she has and wondering what she can do about them, but also learning and changing through the story to be aware of what she is capable of. It’s always good to see a character grow, especially in a short story, and it sets the ending for the story up. The writing is very good and lingers more on setting up the feelings and emotions of the characters than trying to describe the world in detail. Given the basis for the story, it is one of the few times, I’ve enjoyed this style and the importance that this story gives to it.

Formatting wise, the book is in fine, although it could have dome with some more of the scenes begin split out instead of one long section. I didn’t notice any grammar or spelling mistakes, and the first time jump is obviously noted, whereas the second one is more than easy enough to miss. The book does come with some author’s notes, so if you want to read more, there is plenty of opportunity to find new stories.

This is definitely a book you could read if you want a sweet, undemanding, story that can make you smile, with a touch of romance and a small amount of the fantastical thrown in for good measure without taking anything away from the heart of the story. Fans of the genre will enjoy this one.

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