Death Ain’t But A Word: A Supernatural Hot Mess

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Death Ain't But A Word: A Supernatural Hot Mess

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...I won't say more to avoid spoiling the plot, but this book is well worth a read....

Death Ain’t But A Word starts with a prologue. By the end of it, a page into the book, I was hooked.

Wilkins might be a drug addict but he really does see ghosts. When the ghost of his childhood friend turns up asking for help, he can’t say no. What follows is one of the best urban paranormal titles I have ever read, and a very good book overall. The characters are well drawn and sympathetic, the plot keeps you reading, and the writing is spot-on.

I won’t say more to avoid spoiling the plot, but this book is well worth a read. Full of grim humour, plots twists and events to keep a reader hooked from the first page to the last, it’s well worth a look.

The cover is readable even in thumbnail, and the colour choice of purple, yellow, and red are extremely eye-catching. The formatting is clear and legible, with chapter titles clearly set out. It has a table of contents with each chapter linked, accessible from the Kindle ToC button. The front matter, accessible by clicking back from the prologue, covers many of the book’s good reviews and it has well earned them.

An intriguing and enjoyable read with some great ideas.

4 stars – our highest rating and well deserved.

Rating: 4
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