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Dorothy Lyle in Avarice (The Miracles and Millions Saga Book 1)

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...A long slice of life of a lottery winner where little happens...

Dorothy Lyle is a forty year old mother of twins who unexpectedly finds herself winning the lottery and becoming rich beyond her wildest dreams. From her living in her small house to being able to build her own palatial estate as well as giving out gifts to her family and friends while trying to keep her winnings as secret as possible. But this is not her only secret, as from a young age she has had visions that have helped guide her life. As she adjusts to the high life, some of those visions are trying to give her further guidance.

This is the first part of a 10 book series detailing the life of Dorothy Lyle and the effect of both her visions and her winnings on her life and those around her. Unfortunately, the first book is very long and expositional and very, very dry. While Dorothy herself is an interesting character in how she deals with all the money she has won, the events that follow consist mainly of name dropping of one rich pastime after another, shopping or handing out money to family and good causes. I found myself skipping sections of the book which are yet another excursion of email to her friends about everything going on. But not a lot actually happens. Having read through, there is little or no tension in the book, the characters don’t grow and learn little more than lots of money can solve a lot of problems. There are plenty of plot threads left hanging, which hopefully will be picked up and moved on, but for this book, there is no payoff of any of them leaving you feel unfulfilled at the end of it.

To be fair, the author does make the same point at the end of the story, that it is there to reflect Dorothy and to an extent it does. If you have read through it, there is plenty more to come and you would hope it gets better. The writing fits Dorothy and the descriptions of everything happening match that of someone living the high life for the first time. For those who just enjoy reading or diving in and out of a story and don’t mind missing a few pages, this will keep you going for a while.

Overall, if it had been half the length with at least something happening I would have enjoyed it more.

Rating: 2
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