Ebba, the first Easter Hare

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Ebba, the first Easter Hare (SPRING) (FOUR SEASONS Book 2)

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...Overall, an interesting children's story despite being slightly difficult to follow....

Ebba is a young princess in the realm of hares ruled with an iron fist by her Uncle Stern. Her father does not believe in the who is elder brother is ruling and seeks to find a new place beyond the borders where he and other will be free the tyrannical reign. In his absence Ebba tries to survive with her mother, gathering food and avoiding trouble. This lasts until they find a set of eggs still unhatched, with the rule of the land that they should be destroyed if they take food from the hares. Rebelling against the rules, Ebba resolves to take the eggs to somewhere they can hatch out and be safe from her Uncle’s rule.

This is an interesting children’s story, pitched firmly for younger readers to follow along. The plot is fairly simple in basis but does have some interesting twists and turns along its route. The morals of the story are fairly clear and should be worthwhile to teach children the good they can accomplish. Despite the same kind of setting as Watership Down, which the book prĂ©cis reminded me of, this is not the same kind of story and after a while it becomes obvious that it will take a different direction.

Translated into English from the original Dutch, and as such there are no spelling errors or problems with grammar, but otherwise there are no problems with it. However, while the story is descriptive and well-written, it can sometimes be a little hard to follow what is going on now and again and you wonder if a little something has been lost in translation, although not enough to stop enjoying the tale.

Overall, an interesting children’s story despite being slightly difficult to follow.

Rating: 3
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