Finding Free Movies For Kindle Fire on Amazon Prime

... It’s clearly written, easy to follow and above all understandable....

At 24 pages Finding Free Movies is not intimidatingly long, and describes its “purpose as simply to help Amazon Prime members find great movies”.

How well does it perform it? Pretty well. This focuses on using the integration between IMDB and Amazon to use IMDBs powerful search tools to find movies by star, runtime, rating, format, etc. The description of how to use IMDB’s search functions to drll down to find currently free movies on Amazon is interesting. The hints and tips on how best to search, and the suggestions on how to use watchlists, are also very useful.

It has a much broader scope that the title describes: you don’t need a Kindle Fire since most of the tips will work with other tablets and app-based devices, and the IMDB search tips will work with a few more providers than just Amazon Prime.

I don’t know how much this ebook usually costs, but as a free guide on how to use IMDB, this is excellent. It’s clearly written, easy to follow and above all understandable. I gave this to my decidedly non-technical relative, and she could follow the steps inside. In terms of presentation, the cover is a little bland, and inside it uses the standard non-fiction style: a line break between paragraphs and fully justified text.

How good is it as a how-to guide? It’s a twenty-four page pamphlet getting 4 stars.

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