Hekate’s Chalice

...a fun start to the series, if you enjoy an amusing writing style and supernatural mashup...

In a world full of the supernatural from elves to vampires to demons, JB is trying ro run his father’s detective agency. His team involve twin psychics, a fairy and an imp find themselves trying to track down a chalice stolen from a local and powerful witches coven. They hope to crack the case as they are running out of time and money, while JB’s father is in a coma from a hit and run, which may or may not be linked to the case, not to mention the interest of his grandfather, the powerful demon Ascepius. JB does his best to keep the team safe, but when the bodies start appearing, they might be out of the league.

This is a modern day paranormal short story with every standard supernatural present in some form, and the characters in the detective agency are no exception. They play off each other well given their personalities and backgrounds which add to the story. The supporting cast also play mainly to stereotype, but with a few twists to keep them interesting. The plot is fairly fast and frenetic, with the mystery they are solving as quick to resolve as the book is short, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to watch it unfurl. The writing helps to push things along, but due to its brevity, there is little background to really get to know the characters and we told a lot of how they operate, without necessarily seeing it. It also doesn’t help that when it comes to the finale, they don’t play as much of a part of it as you might expect. But it is amusing and has a decent comedic sense in the story and certainly it left me smiling as turned the pages.

Overall, it’s a fun start to the series, and if you enjoy the amusing writing style and supernatural mashup – it’s worth checking out the rest of the series. I just hope they are a littler longer.

Rating: 3
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