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Hotel Z: A Short Story

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...if you like Zombie fiction and are familiar with the tropes, you'll love this....

I read the original blurb and nearly passed this up. Vampire/Zombie brothels are unfortunately not an unusual part of the genre, and there’s not normally very much different about the stories, or anything very nice about the characters. I stayed with this one when the first client came in, when it became obvious something slightly different was going on. Unfortunately it eventually followed the same pattern as many others, and the ending was rather predictable.

Overall It’s a tightly written short story, which quickly builds the world, the characters and sets up everything just in time for everything to go wrong. There were no spelling or grammar errors that I spotted, the plot is logical with no real holes, and it keeps the pace going nicely.It is a little lower on gore than the average zombie story, but there’s enough horror by implication if not onscreen to keep most readers happy.

For me I have read too many of this type of story, but if you like Zombie fiction and are familiar with the tropes, you’ll love this. If you’re looking for something a bit different, it is possibly not for you.

It’s not bad by any means, just not really for me.

Rating: 3
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HattieMoon (12 April 2017)
I wouldn't go looking for zombie fiction but as this was just a short story, and free, I gave it a go. It was quite interesting, and a good ending, but the asides the main male character kept making to himself were a bit overdone/annoying for me.

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