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Jetting Away

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...Normally prequels can add something to the story, but this one ends very abruptly...

The plot of Jetting Away is simple: exec bored of job decides to go to Australia, told among pages and pages of shopping, salons, designer clothes etc. and this is very much a “Life in the Day of” style feature rather than a story.

This is because it is a short story prequel to a novel “Outback Love”. Not much actually happens in Jetting Away – she does not even reach Australia as it ends when she gets on the aircraft.

Normally prequels can add something to the story, but this one ends very abruptly, with the story going directly into a bracketed paragraph telling you that her adventures continue in the novel. It reads more like a dropped prologue than a standalone story. For anyone who has read “Outback Love” and wants to know more about the heroine and her background, this would probably be a good read. For those who haven’t, like me, it falls a bit flat.

If this were free bonus content it might get three stars. As a standalone story that I am expected to pay for? I’d have to give it two.



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