Kara’s Christmas Smile

...It is a light, fun, christmas story, good for early readers and with images that will keep the attention of those to young to read yet....

When Kara sees a boy crying in the store, she gives up the stuffed kitten she has wanted all year. Then he sees someone else needing help…

It’s a lovely story of paying it forward, as Kara’s good deed starts a chain of kindness that goes round the town until finally it ends up back where it started. If I was feeling like a grinch, I would take issues with a couple of morals in the book: you shouldn’t do good deeds hoping for rewards, and cats are for life, not just for christmas. As it is quite clear the cat is home for good, and Kara never expected a reward, (and it is christmas) I’ll let it go.

Illustrated throughout with full colour and striking artwork, I can’t help but wonder if this is a scan from a board book. The text is embedded in the pictures, so can’t be enlarged. However it is large and clear to read so it isn’t a problem.

The book ends with a note from the author asking for reviews and to be notified if anyone finds an error with the book, which is a very nice touch. It then has a page with a selection of other books and purchase links, and a link to get your free colouring book. Getting the free book does require signing up by email.

It is a light, fun, christmas story, good for early readers and with images that will keep the attention of those to young to learn. It is also ideal for reading with children while running a finger under the words.

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rz3300 (15 September 2016)
Well this sounds perfect for my work. I work with children of varying age ranges, and that means varying levels of reading of course, so this really sounds like a nice story to bring us all together. Sounds like a good message too, and I cannot argue with the fun and light Christmas story.

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