Killing the Dead

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Killing the Dead

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...A new take on the zombie story, with a great protagonist, which is definitely one for horror fans....

When a zombie outbreak takes hold of Britain, this affects everyone in the country – even a serial killer with a fresh body on the table and a young lady hammering at the door…

An unusual take on the zombie genre, this book is hard to define. I could say Shaun of the Dead meets Dexter, but Ryan is far more Hannibal Lecter. This is one of those rare things: a story that does something new with zombies. It is the start of a series as Lily and Ryan try to get their rag-tag band of stragglers to safety in a Britain that has already collapsed.

Written in first person from the point of view of the serial killer, Ryan’s personality comes through his words fascinatingly and clearly. Even the most horrific acts are justified if they benefit him, and while he may have lines in the sand, they certainly aren’t where most people place them. The effect both gives Ryan a unique voice, and gives the book a unique outlook on zombies.

The zombies are the slow traditionally shambling kind, and no less dangerous for it. There is plenty of chances for humans to be just as great a threat to each other, and the collapse of the cities is little more than an off-screen side-note as the story focuses purely on Ryan’s experiences.

A new take on the zombie story, with a great protagonist, which is definitely one for horror fans.


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