Most Fierce Ruthless Warriors That Shaped History: Ancient Aztec Eagle Warriors

...This is a case of an interesting introduction to a subject let down by grammar errors and poor formatting....

It’s not a good sign when there’s an obvious typo on the second page, less good when it is one a spellcheck would have caught: “thier” instead of “their”. The copyright notice is from another book, saying that the publisher is “not required to provide accounting services”.

The writing is not great. On the first page of the introduction there are grammar errors; for example the book shifts between present and past tense between sentences, and there’s a blatant missing apostrophe. It also suffers from poor formatting: an occasional double space isn’t a problem, but the lack of paragraphs in some sections creates a wall-of-text that is hard to read. However further in, the text is broken up by images and subheading, which greatly improves readability.

Despite my misgivings I found this an interesting read, initially blending discussion of the Eagle Warriors with the culture they came from, although I am sure there are better resources out there. However I was barely halfway through when it stopped talking about the Eagle Warriors and started talking about the end of the Aztecs and Cortes. It provides only a barebones description of the events, but it is enough to hold interest and would be useful to someone with no or fleeting knowledge of the subject.

Reading between the lines the book makes some dodgy conclusions: it states the Eagle warriors were greater then the Spanish, but the only battles they “win” against the Spanish, the Aztecs either have the explorer conquistadores hopelessly outnumbered or have twenty-four hours of terrain advantage, their entire force against the remaining conquistadores, and still fail to achieve their objective and kill them all. When the actual Spanish army arrives, they lost hard. It makes me want to read a biography of Cortes for the other side of the story.

The bibliography at the back gives further resources for reading.

This is a case of an interesting introduction to a subject let down by grammar errors and poor formatting. I have to give it a two, but fix those issues and the rating would go up.

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HighSparrow (17 May 2017)
The title totally grabbed my attention, but then reading about how the book has so many grammar errors just put me off instantly. Sitting through badly written books is one thing I can't bring myself to do.

Miranda (18 May 2017)
I think this may be a really interesting read, although I know for sure that with a title like that, most people would rather enjoy this as a movie or documentary.

Meryl (26 May 2017)
Not really my cup of tea, but it's probably going to be an interesting read for anyone who is into history of that nature. I think I might give this one a skip.

clair02 (27 May 2017)
I might have been persuaded to read this one if it didn't have so many typos and grammatical errors in it. I think I will skip this one.

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