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Night Market: An Anthology

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...You don't need to known anything about the culture, or Taiwan to know and love good storytelling, and these stories are excellent. ...

A collection of short stories by authors from the Taipei Writers Group, focused in and around the Night Markets of Taiwan.

The is an engaging and excellent collection. Unpredictable, with characters that come to life on the page, it held me spellbound. The various writers have distinctive styles and unique approaches, and each story is fresh. Overall the word that comes to mind is polished. The second would be professional. This book has been proofed, well-edited, and spell-checked. I didn’t spot an error, and the formatting is excellent with consistent layout, indents and typefaces throughout. There has been a lot of work put into this book, and it really does pay off.

Ranging from the realistic Paradise-831, telling of a war between Taiwan and China from the point of view of a child and its half-understood effects on her family, to the fantastic The Gryphon Eggs, this collection is varied and entertaining. There are stories here for everyone, exploring everything from history, to romance and culture, to futuristic science fiction. The protagonists are widely different and distinct (especially the goldfish) and their situations totally engaging. From the young man with his most unusual and unexpected bride, to the student whose quarrel with her grandmother has unexpected consequences, none of these stories go the way you would expect.

I’m not saying more to avoid spoilers, but I’d give this a four. You don’t need to known anything about the culture, or Taiwan to know and love good storytelling, and these stories are excellent.

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Rating: 4
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tirial (20 February 2016)
Thanks for the recommendation. I read this in one sitting, and I wish I'd saved some for later.

rz3300 (10 September 2016)
Well that is good to hear that you do not need to know anything about the culture going in, because I don't. The title is intriguing though, and I do enjoy reading about other cultures and trying to take things away from them, so this looks like a good one in that sense. I might have to use the advice of *@tirial* though and spread it out.

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